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  » Mines !
The country was in war from 1992 until 1995, and a lot of areas are still heavily mined, before to go anywhere you must check if the area is safe.

  » Safety rules in moutains
- Be aware about mine risk !
- Try to never go alone, especially during winter, you never know what can happen in mountain.
- You must always tell to somebody where you are going.
- Check carefully the weather forecast.
- Always watch the time and be sure you are still in your timeline, think after reaching the summit you still need time to come back before night.

  » Checklist in order to prepare a trekking
- Water (between 2 and 3 liters depending of season), and food.
- Sun glasses.
- Map and compas.
- Solar cream.
- Hot clothes during winter, cover every part of your body (wind can be strong).



Weather forecast in Bosnia: METEOBIH.GOV.BA
Weather observations and forecasts for Bjelasnica: WUNDERGROUND.COM
Numerical weather prediction computer model in Europe (GFS): WETTERZENTRALE.DE
Numerical weather prediction computer model in Europe (ECMWF): WETTERZENTRALE.DE
Wind and rain prediction with Aladin model: PROGNOZA.HR


One of the biggest danger in mountain can be the wind : more the wind speed is important or the temperature low, more the temperature felt is low. The following schema give an idea bout the temperature felt :

True temperature (°C)
Speed of wind (km/h)10°C5°C0°C-5°C-10°C-15°C-20°C-25°C-30°C

Danger low
Danger increasing
Danger important